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This is an excerpt from the 4-hour final seminar recording project. For this event, we used four cameras including one high-angle. Due to last minute scheduling, we ended up using a “shoot for the edit” workflow. In this case, that means one camera was manned, the rest were fixed. Much of the pan / tilt / zoom you see is actually done in post with our own special algorithm that simulates human PTZ characteristics.

The speaker was very active on stage and with the stationary cams, we knew we were in for a lot of editing. I probably should think it through and maybe write an article in the seminar recording category on determining the activity level of a speaker you will not meet until the event starts. Or maybe one about estimating the difference in camera op skills and / or editing time needed between highly active and, shall we say, more quiescent speakers. Oh well, lesson learned.


Normally with a job like this we would have used better matched cameras, but the shoot was not confirmed until 2 days prior.(Not the customer’s fault, but the venue’s). Ideally I would have used our two XF105s and the HF-G40 and rented another XF105 or even a XF300 (no need for SDI at this event). What we ended up with was still all Canon: an S20, G40, XA35 and XF105. Editing included color matching for one camera, the older Canon S20 at stage right, that had an inferior sensor and would not white balance exactly like others. The high camera was on a C-Stand with a camera adapter. That was a bear to get framed, let me tell you. The rest were on Manfrotto sticks and heads.

Outside light was controlled by the electronic shades and the venue had a decent lighting system. I didn’t have to set up any video lighting, which speakers tend to complain about. There would not have been many options for placement due to the proximity of the audience anyway. But, as I said, the long throw venue lighting worked fine.


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