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This is an example of our sports / action event video services. We were assigned the Kiss-n-Cry area covering the host and celebrity judges for the 2017 US Figure Skating Aerial Challenge.

An interesting note

The kiss-n-cry area for an figure skating event is where the skaters and coaches wait for score results. It’s easy to imagine the etymology of the name – After hearing their score, skaters and coaches might kiss to celebrate a a good score, or cry after receiving a poor or disappointing one. The area is usually located in the corner or as is the case with this event, the end of the rink. It is often supplied with chairs or benches. It’s often decorated with some sort of camera-friendly backdrop for video and photographic coverage of the skaters’ reactions.

About the event

At this year’s Aerial Challenge we had an outstanding host, and 5 celebrity judges. See if you can identify them all. Hint: they are all Olympians but not all skaters. Another fun note: Did you catch the use of the “old-fashioned” scoring system? Also note that the judge on the far left tended to score lower than the others. Kind of brings you back to some of earlier Olympics where the French and/or Russian judges were accused of scoring too low for athletes not from their countries.

This event was produced and directed by the US Figure Skating Association. As I said, I handled the kiss-n-cry areas with a Canon XF105. The 105 is a great camera that is small enough to handle the cramped space in the kiss-n-cry. Two colleagues handled the ice using the larger Canon XF305s, one of my favorite cameras for action events especially due to the pro codec and 4.2.2. color space. We all had high-end Manfrotto sticks and heads which were ideal for the intense panning.

This was probably the most fun I have ever doing my job! If you want to watch the whole event, visit 2017 US Figure Skating Aerial Challenge


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