Turn-Turtle Educational Media eLearning Interaction consisting of a large central circle with concentric circles surrounding, each representing a core value

Project Type: eLearning Interaction

There are distinct advantages included with using eLearning Interaction; among them are improved learner engagement and knowledge retention. For more information on the benefits of eLearning interactions, see our article on Interactive eLearning Models.

Client Type: Service Industry: Residential Roofing.

For this project, the client was a large, well-regarded roofing company in the Denver area.


This project started as a consulting assignment for our Culture and Mission team. On goal that arose from this meeting was that our client’s CEO needed help to challenge his staff to learn and apply the company’s core values. We also decided that it would be a good idea to explain these values to their customers as well.


Our Culture and Mission team reminded the client that Core values support the vision, shape the culture, and reflect the ideals that are most important to your organization. A company’s core values statement also helps your customers by answering questions like:

  • “Why does your company exist?”
  • “What makes your company better than your competition?
  • “What makes your company unique in the industry?”
  • “Why should I buy from you rather than your competitors?”

The client agreed with our Culture and Mission team SMEs that clearly communicate core values would be vital to the success of his company. We decided that interactive eLearning would be an effective tool in this case. The client agreed and asked that the training be made available “anywhere, anytime, on any device.”


Our client decided to have us design the educational assets they needed for this initiative. Our solution was to develop a series of eLearning /mLearning modules which included this eLearning Interaction. The client’s requirements included professional, succinct language and a “snazzy” interface that would help engage new employees. We decided to forgo the standard slide-by-slide presentation style. Instead, we created an interactive experience that put the learner in control of the learning environment. We also designed a modified form of this tool for the “About Us” page of their website.


This public demo provides a look at that interface. At the client’s request, we have stripped the proprietary information and used more generic content. You will still be able to understand the concept and tour the interface.

Click here to see a demo of the Core Values Interaction

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